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Corporate film, or corporate video is an exceptionally wide term encompassing a whole range of film styles including case study videos, brand films, training videos, product videos, social media engagement videos, end of year report films, sales presentations, investor presentations; the list goes on. What clients mean to say is they want a video to engage with a certain group of stakeholders to help them think, feel and do something.

The following are film and video styles that THIRTY3SOUTH produces with the sole purpose of working for brands, businesses and organisations.

Case Study Films

Case studies are the single most effective way of helping your customers and potential customers understand the value you can bring to them. The best part is, it is a story told by someone else about their problem and how your organisation helped them solve it; the perfect endorsement!

See how THIRTY3SOUTH has helped our clients with Case Study Video here.

Brand Films

Brand films are not about selling a product, they are about selling a promise. They are about creating a feeling, a sense of your organisation and leaving your audience connected to you.

A quality brand film aims to leave a lasting impression on your audience that transcends a simple show and tell product film.

Discover how THIRTY3SOUTH has helped organisations with brand videos here.


Animation videos are a fantastic way to quickly engage, entertain and inform an audience. Due to multiple layers of graphics, animation videos are well suited to community information films, product explainers, explainer videos, training videos, motion graphics, advertising and more.

See how THIRTY3SOUTH has bought animation to life for our clients here.

Television Commercials

Television Commercials, or TVC’s in our world, are still an integral part of building your brand. Even though a shift has occurred from TV to online, the TVC plays a major part in your audience engaging with and recalling your brand.

A well produced TVC will take into account how the creative will play out across TV, online, your website and as a radio ad. At THIRTY3SOUTH we are all about getting the most impact for your production spend across all media mixes.

See how THIRTY3SOUTH has helped our clients with Television Commercials  here.

Drone/ UAV

Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are now common practice in commercial film and video production. At THIRTY3SOUTH we don’t use drone because its cool and sexy, we use it to enhance a story.

As a fully qualified and insured CASA Operator, THIRYTY3SOUTH applies cinematography to our cameras in the sky to get a unique and spectacular perspective of your business or organisation.

Discover how THIRTY3SOUTH has helped organisations with drone work here.


Photography once considered a seperate medium to film and video, and although the skill sets are quite different, the results should create a cohesive and unified view of your brand. That’s why at THIRTY3SOUTH Films we offer photography in conjunction with video and film to set your campaign or story on the right path

See how THIRTY3SOUTH has integrated photography into campaigns here.

Event Filming

Whether it’s a market update seminar or multi-week festival, THIRTy3SOUTh Films understands what is needed to capture your event. With experience in large public events, sporting events, car racing, product launches, fashion launches and more, we will not only show your event in its best light but we will preserve it for the future.

See our recent event productions here.

Not For Profit Films

Not for Profit organisations play a vital role in our society. They are most often associated with helping those of us in need and THIRTY3SOUTH Films is dedicated to supporting those organisations through Not for Profit video production.

Discover how THIRTY3SOUTH has helped Not For Profit organisations here.

Community Engagement Films

Community Engagement is an essential role of government, businesses and large organisations. Whether it be a consultation process, the announcement of new community strategy or the communication of a planning development, video is the best way to inform and educate the public in a fast and accurate way.

By utilising social and mainstream media organisation can target and engage large numbers of community members in a short space of time.

See how THIRTY3SOUTH has helped organisations engage with the community here.


We are about more than just making pretty little puff pieces. We follow a proven process to ensure that your invested in video and film production has the maximum impact and results for your brand or business.



“THIRTY3SOUTH not only makes great films, but they invest in understanding our organisation and the changes we are trying to make. They are more than a production company, they are a partner to Compass Housing.”

Greg BudworthGroup Managing Director, Compass Housing Services

“Working with the team at THIRTY3SOUTH has been a breeze. They exceed our production quality expectations time and again, and have helped us share our story with the local community.” 

Chris BreadenTeam Leader Communications, Maitland City Council

“WOW. These guys are complete and utter professionals. They just REALLY KNOW THEIR S#@T when it comes to producing amazing videos. The entire process was fun, enlightening, relaxed and just really sharp.  Owen has an uncanny knack for creating awesome ideas from nowhere that just work. These guys are a great team and they’ll make sure they squeeze every last percentage point of quality out of your video production job.THIRTY3SOUTH Films are worth every cent and more.” 

Dave EddyFounder | Vicinity Marketing

Owen and the team at THIRTY3SOUTH are just brilliant.  Not only for their vivid storytelling, but also their dedication, determination, and professionalism in bringing a vision to life.  Can’t wait for the next project!” 

Michelle LoganUniversity of Newcastle

Owen and the team at THIRTY3SOUTH have assisted us in creating an outstanding visual story of our community. The time they have taken to understand our unique business model and then capture this so creatively has provided us with a product beyond our expectations. The professionalism and flexibility of the staff make it a dream to work with the entire team at THIRTY3SOUTH.

Simon Herd Principal Medowie Christian School

I have worked with Owen and his team at Thirty3South Films for several years now, in both the education and health sectors. I continue to engage Owen to produce our projects as the quality is of exceptional standard and delivered within tight timeframes. Owen is a great conceptualiser, and offers excellent ideas to ensure the success of all of our projects. Highly recommended for your video/film production needs.

Carla TorrellHunter Primary Care

Welcome to THIRTY3SOUTH Films.

Video Production that Works.

THIRTY3SOUTH is a video production company based in Newcastle NSW that helps brands and businesses connect with their audiences. Video, film, animation and screen content are all powerful ways to engage with audiences, but we go way beyond producing “nice” little pieces to help you tick the video box in your communications strategy.

We help brands and businesses improve Search Engine Optimisation, Email Campaign Conversion, Product Ranking, Consumer Engagement and Brand Value all through the use of powerful video and film communication programs.

THIRTY3SOUTH looks at the complete spectrum of opportunities that video and film present. We look at all aspects of how video and film can help you be found, understood and transacted with.

Video is no longer the future; it’s the now. 95% of all online content is video and THIRTY3SOUTH is here to help brands and businesses understand and take advantage of the opportunities presented and connect with beautiful content.


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