Video Communication Strategy

Video communication strategy

is the THIRTY3SOUTH difference. 60% of all data online is now video or film content. For brands and businesses, video is no longer a nice piece of media to have, nor is just a box to tick in your yearly marketing budget. It is as much a driver in communication success as your web strategy, your advertising plan or your branding plan.

THIRTY3SOUTH works with our clients to understand their business objectives and we plan content that not only aligns with that plan, but enhances it and brings results. When we create a video we ask what are you trying to achieve in your business, rather than, what do you want us to make.

We look at the opportunities for you to use video, we look at how you can use video to help outrank your competitors and we look at how you can get the most from your production budget. Once your video communication strategy is in place we then get onto the cool stuff and work on engaging your audience through creative direction and execution.

Video communication strategy includes;

  • Video Audits
  • Video Strategy
  • Video Integration Planning
  • Video Campaign Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Branded Entertainment
  • Video Deployment Strategy
  • Video Marketing Plans
  • Performance Analysis